we have various types of carpet cleaning , Dry compound cleaning is instantly dry and ready for use immediately.

Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) takes anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to dry  

No you do not have to empty the room we just ask that you remove delicate items and we will move any heavy furnitue that is movable.

 All the solutions we use are Eco friendly and safe for use around children and pets 

For families with high traffic and pets we find that hot water extraction(steam cleaning) is the best for this setting.

If you have wool carpets and light soiling then we recommend Dry cleaning using the host system which is instantly dry.

We also do a low moisture system for commercial properties ie: Nursery , offices, call centres Doctors  

We have a very good record with removing stains and we do mange to remove 95% of stains but no guarantees can be given as some are permanent ie : hot decaff coffee,iron brew,curry stains on wool carpets are the most difficult to remove 

Yes we are local we are based in Royston since 1984 we cover all off Barnsley and Wakefied before carpet cleaning i worked as a miner all over Barnsley and Selby

have questions ?

If you have any other questions or would just like a bit of advice give us a call 01226 891577

we charge by the room with a standard room being 5 x 4 .

For one room we charge £50 for 2 we charge £80 and we do a special any 3 for £99.and for upholstery we charge £30 for each seating area .

rooms and areas can be mix and matched ie: a rug ,or hallway instead of a room 

They are cheaper for many reasons 

  • They use low prices to get you to book them then up the price once at your home and this puts you under pressure to agree as you have more than likely taken the day off or emptied your room or both.
  • They only extract which is  only good to freshen a carpet and will look dirty again within a week 
  • They use high Ph chemicals that resoil quickly 
  • They do it as fast as possible as they have lots of jobs to do in a day

We use all Eco friendly solutions and pile restoring brush machines to remove as much soiling as possible ,you may pay slightly more but your carpets will stay cleaner a lot longer saving you money ,most of our customers only need us to clean their carpet in 14 to 18 months periods or longer .

 No we vacuum prior to cleaning if needed ,the machine we use is constantly vacuuming and is far more powerful than a domestic vacuum

I only reccomend that wool carpets have protector applied as this will keep it cleaner longer and help it to resist staining

Yes we clean curtains we do this in situ using a rotavac sheardry that rinses without over wetting and stops any chance of shrinkage 

 Yes we clean hard floors amtico ,kardean, lino we also strip and re-seal them

Low moisture carpet cleaning

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