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Rug Cleaning and Odour Treatment Barnsley

Rug Cleaning


Rug cleaning is a more specialised process to cleaning carpets ,as rugs can contain more than one type of fibre and often have unstable dyes .

They also need a longer  beating and dust removal process and many have been heavily soiled over the years by pets , and this would need a odor contamination treatment to be applied,

Once all this is completed a deep clean will be completed ,as many rugs are pure wool and of  a thicker pile they need to be dried quickly in our workshop using snail dryers and dehumidifiers .


Rug Cleaning Barnsley


Rug cleaning in Barnsley Lint collected from a rug by pro35 brush system Hair,dirt and debris collected by Pro 35 after  vacuuming

Dirt and debris removed after vacuuming ,with our specialist contra rotating brush system that lifts the pile and removes in ground pet hairs and other contaminants 

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