Welcome To Barnsley Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Hi I'm Neil Kelloway
The proud owner of Barnsley carpet & upholstery cleaners , we are based in Royston so cover most areas within 12 miles .

We Clean & Deodorise Carpets, Curtains ,Sofas ,settees,recliners, chairs,Rugs hard floors and also Leather .

Quality work & Eco Friendly Solutions

Here at Barnsley Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners we like to use Eco friendly solutions as they are safe for you and your children and pets.
Also as we use them on a daily basis which is also good for our health as well.

 .When we clean your carpets this is the process we complete

  1. Check the construction of the fibres as each fibre needs different cleaning solutions .
  2. Vacuum the carpet using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner as over 70% of the dirt in your carpet is dry soiling and the more of this that we can remove at this stage the better the clean will be .
  3. spray your carpet with a appropriate conditioning solution that will break down any remaining soiling ,grease ,oils or stains.
  4. At this point we use a CRB machine which uses large counter rotating brushes to get deep into the pile and remove any hairs or ingrained soiling whilst also brushing the solution into the fibres ,this step is very important as it gets soiling out that simple extraction only cleaning cant reach. 
  5. Dwell time , we leave the solution for ten to 15 minutes to allow the solution to work .
  6. Extraction, we use a Airflex Storm hot water cleaning system(Steam Cleaning) to extract all the soiling that has now been suspended in the cleaning solution, in this water we include a rinse aid to break down any past cleaning solutions that were used and to balance out the ph of the carpet fibres.
  7. we groom the carpet so that the fibres are stood up this allows the fibres to dry faster.
  8. Fans , on longer pile carpets and heavy wool we put down fans that dry the carpets within a hour. 
Commercial carpet cleaning in Barnsley

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Barnsley

We also service the commercial sector

  • Medical Centres
  • Offices
  • Care Homes

Residential Services

we clean carpet and furniture in all domestic houses 

Commercial Services

Doctors, Health centres, offices , call centres 

We clean all commercial premise

Upholstery Services

 we clean all types of uphostery inculuding leater and curtains 

Why Choose Us


Because we work to a high standard,and invest in the latest machines so that we can give you the most thorough cleaning ever and we carry lots of different machines . some for commercial carpet cleaning jobs ,others for flats ,ones that are low moisture for bussiness that need to be up and running straightaway or have delicate machinery that needs very little moisture near it. We have the latest machines that remove pet hairs and stubborn soiling that would normally be left in the carpet .
Also we have one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available that leaves your carpets not only cleaner but drier than ever.

There is a vast choice and pricing range of carpet and upholstery cleaning companies to choose from ,how do you know which one to choose ?

1. Check that they are a established company ,which means that if you need any advice or have any problems they are still trading.

2. Make sure their address and contact numbers are on their website and stationary .

3. Are they trained by a recognised carpet and upholstery cleaning company ,I have completed IICRC carpet cleaning course and various others from hard floors to leather .

4. Do they carry appropriate solutions for cleaning your carpets and upholstery ie : wool,polypropylene,cotton etc . this si important as each fibre needs the correct solution ,to high a ph and it can damage the fibres .

5. Are they really cheap ? This should ring alarm bells as running a professional business isn't cheap and if the price quoted seems to good to be true it usually is .

6. How long have they been established ,we have been carpet and upholstery cleaning for over 15 years

wool carpet technician

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